Monday, 18 July 2011

The Advantages Of Living With Girls (funny)

Okay, so a few day ago (fine, it was half a year ago!) I was in a dreamy, floaty mood, wafting on a cloud almost oblivious to everything around me.
I was back from college and had to have a bath. I floated into the bathroom, finished up and what do you think happened?

I discovered that i’d entered the bathroom with a towel. ONLY a towel and nothing else. Now if id been living in a house full of women this wouldn’t have been a problem at all. But i wasn’t. the only way out was for me to wrap the towel around myself and zip out to get my clothes before anyone could spot me. 

And i managed to do this. But this incident made me think of-


You can waltz out of the bathroom in a towel-

Obviously if there are only women in hte house, there’s no probs in walking out of a bath clad scantily in a towel and changing in your own airy room.

 EVERYONE knows the evil that is PMS and understands-

Most women suffer from PMS. And most women understand that it is a genuine prob. Ergo, when you’re  in the throes of PMS and you’re howling and throwing plates and weeping in the kitchen over ice-cream, most likely women will understand and leave you to it always.

 Wardrobe switching opportunities-

With many women of the same age in the same house, each one is bound to have a few clothes she doesn’t like or wear often. Each one is also likely to have her eyes on such clothes that belong to other women. Result? Exchange clothes all the while and have an endless wardrobe! If one size fits all tht is.

Single nights= bitchy nights-

Friday night are a very tedious affair for single girls. They have to stay at home while their GFs are out having fun with their boyfriends(or random creepy dudes). With many girls living under the same roof, there are bound to be a few who are single. Result- while the bound girls are out, the singles rejoice in bitching about guys, girls, cats, dogs, squirrels and the worl in general. Haha.

Really good help with BF trouble-

Ever seen a girl after a fresh breakup? Who do you see around her? Thats right- girls.  They provide awesome advice on boyfriend prbs and breakups...and they might even be up to help yiu exact a little sweet revenge at times.

Mushy mushy feeling time-

If you watch a romantic drama or a movie  or a book,    and start bawling till your eyes melt in the presence of a boy, he’ll either try to ignore or (worse) crack a lame insensitive joke to try to cheer you up. What he WON’T do is hug you and bawl his eyes out too. THAT’S  what a girls would do- right? but if she’s like me, she’d probably do what a guy does. Im not a very girly girl.

Now im bored
Next up- the disadvantages of living with girls.
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